With Aliens: Colonial Marines having just been released, Sega has put out a launch CGI trailer titled “Contact”. In response to the outcry over the previous trailer that was released, it seems that the developers decided it best to come out and try out a new and improved trailer that puts the game back into a dark and gloomy atmosphere. With Aliens: Colonial Marines being a direct sequel to the movie Aliens, players are in control of a space marine with his crew returning to the planet that the movie took place on. While on the planet, players look for Ellen Ripley and her fellow marines. The story picks up here.

The game has been given less than stellar reviews. Many claim that the game is absolutely terrible and not worth a cent. Others try to point out some of the good features the game has to offer. The game will offer DLC shortly that contains new maps and gametypes, including Bug Hunt, which will be a 4 player survival mode. After this there will be many more DLC packages released throughout the year. The game has already been released for PS3 and Xbox 360. The games release date for the Wii U has not yet been announced.

Check out the Trailer Below!

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