Among the Sleep, an indie game in development by Krillbite Studio, is touted as a dark and surreal first-person survival horror video game set to be released in 2013. This game has received a lot of funding from outside sources, and gained a lot of hype with the release of the teaser trailer that you can find below.


The player plays as a two year old child, which in itself is unique in that having a two year old child be the main character in a survival horror game is not done frequently, if at all. After you are put to bed, strange things start happening, and you can explore and immerse yourself in the atmosphere that this game offers. From what the trailer shows us, this game looks like it will be fantastic. Giving the players control of such a small and young character will give the player a feeling of helplessness that many survival horror games fail to achieve. To see how it is all put together, however, we must wait until its release.


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  1. FujiwharaFX

    Hmmm, I wonder how similar to Amnesia the game play will be… Looks worth a try either way…


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