Senscape, the developers finishing up work on their soon to be released indie game Asylum, have been finishing a successful Kickstarter campaign. Senscape is hoping to use the money they have raised through kickstarter in such a way as to help finish the remaining funding that they need to get Asylum up and running.

It has been announced that the funding that was put into the game was previously coming from their own pockets. With this assurance of having the rest of the game already funded, we should expect the development to pick up in speed and quality. With this new Kickstarter completing, we should expect the game to be released sometime this year. The Kickstarter only has 25 hours at the time of this posting left remaining on the campaign.

They have surpassed their goal already, and the total amount is continually rising. Check the Kickstarter out if you want to help fund the game, as well as receive some special exclusives you will not be able to get once the game is out.

Read up more on the game, and check out the kickstarter Here!

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