With the recent announcement of the remake of Resident Evil: Revelations being accessible for the Wii U, many were excited about how the game will run on such a console. With the unique features that the Wii U give developers a chance to use, it seems Capcom has decided to take advantage of these features. By far the most enticing feature that is unique for those that play the game on the Wii U, is that players will have to chance to use the Wii U Pro Controller and be able to play Resident Evil: Revelations with the off-TV play feature. This will allow players the chance to play the game without having to use a TV. By using the game pad, players will also be able to access detailed multi-leveled maps during gameplay, as well as quickly change and manage ones inventory.

Capcom wants players to know that the game is not just a slightly improved port from the original platform onto these new consoles. The game will boast a brand new grahics system, and this new graphics system has been written specifically for the Wii U. Players should be able to see the vast improvements in terms of lighting and graphics when compared to the original 3DS version.

Resident-Evil-Revelations 2

Overall it seems that Capcom has finally done something right after a recent record of doing things wrong. With the recent Resident Evil games being released, it is nice that Capcom has decided that they need to change some things around. By putting a successful game such as Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles, thereby allowing more players a chance to see how well this game actually is, it seems that this will be a success. It stands to question just how well the game will port over to these consoles, but from what Capcom boasts, it seems that it will be worth it to buy this game.

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