It has been announced that the new Standalone version of the popular Arma 2 mod DayZ has already sold over 800,000 copies in less than a month. The game, which is still in early release, has become wildly popular, selling more units than the developers had originally predicted. DayZ could be said to be in an Alpha stage at the moment, and there is no exact date as to when the Beta of the game will be released. For a game to sell nearly a million copies while still in Alpha is a large accomplishment.

Many people have come up with lists of problems that they have with the standalone game, but it is to be expected when the game is still in the early stages of its development. Even with these complaints, the game is more polished than the modded version of the game, and the expectations are high when looking at what the game can eventually become. You can read more on this subject Here!

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