Dead Rising 3 was just recently released for the Xbox One. This exclusive release was widely anticipated by many fans of the Dead Rising series, as well as fans of the horror genre. While the game could be called silly to an extent, as often seen in the Dead Rising franchise, the game still provides players with an exciting open world to discover.


In the previous two iterations in the Dead Rising universe, players were confined in the small environments of a shopping mall and casino. In Dead Rising 3, however, players get to explore the entirely of a city without feeling enclosed inside of a building. Dead Rising 3 gets rid of a lot of the loading screens that once signaled entering a safe zone or going to another area, giving the game a better sense of exploration without ruining immersion. Completing missions, combining items into crazy weapons, collecting blueprints, and just causing overall mayhem is extremely fun to do while exploring the vast area that you can now travel to.

The crafting capabilities of Dead Rising 2 have returned, giving players the ability to create combo weapons that seem absolutely crazy. You are still able to combine the most ridiculous items together in order to create weapons that are nonsensical. You are also able to add on to vehicles, and drive around destroying enemies by the hundreds.


The number of enemies on the screen is something that is extremely noticeable to those playing Dead Rising 3 for the first time. Dead Rising 3 puts hundreds of zombies on your screen at a time, more so than almost all other games out there. The frame rate also does not suffer because of this, giving players the capability to cause mayhem on a larger scale than in previous iterations of Dead Rising.

A problem many people had in the previous games were the time limit that you had to pay attention. Before you were unable to complete all of the side missions that were offered due to this time limit, which caused players the need to have to go back and replay the game a couple of times in order to complete and experience all of the side quests that were offered. In Dead Rising 3, however, players can comfortably complete all of the side quests and missions throughout your first play through.


The Game does have a time limit given to players at the beginning of the game, but once you are given this time limit, you are left to do as you please. If you end up taking too much time messing around, you can restart at the beginning of any chapter rather than having to completely restart the entire game as you had to do in previous Dead Rising games.
Dead Rising 3 also takes a different approach on the leveling system, where as before players got upgrades to players health or speed at each level, now players get a skill point. These skill points can be spent on many different catagories such as health or speed, but gives players more of a chance to create their character to fit their own playstyle. This gives the game a chance to be tailored to play in the style that you want it to, rather than be forced to have your character be upgraded by itself.


Dead Rising 3, even through all of these changes, has been acclaimed as being too easy. The game is much easier than previous Dead Rising games, with the bosses being much easier to kill, and the ability to gather combo weapons much easier. One complaint also heard is that some of the missions in Dead Rising 3 are repetitive, but not to the point of absurdity. Even taking account into these complaints, the game itself is far from boring.

Some players may not like the direction that Dead Rising has gone in terms to the time limit, the difficulty, and other changes in the game, and as such these players will be glad to know that there exists a Nightmare Mode available . This mode lowers your health and increases enemy damage, as well as the time limit allowed, making the game feel more like the previous Dead Rising games.



Dead Rising 3 Review
Overall, Dead Rising 3 is an exceptional launch game that offers a lot to those buying it. The game can easily span over 20 hours if players were to accomplish all of the side quests and collect the special weapon blueprints hidden around. Even after this, players can replay the game in a harder, more difficult Nightmare mode. Dead Rising 3 should satisfy fans of the original Dead Rising games, as well as entice new players to delve into the Dead Rising universe.
  • Huge, Open World
  • Wide Array of Crafting Capabilities
  • Can be a little easy if not on Nightmare Mode
  • Lack of Variety in Some Missions
83%Overall Score
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