Just hours after the launch of Visceral Games Dead Space 3, EA has announced that an expansion DLC will be released sometime in March. This DLC will be titled “Awakened” and will supposedly be darker than previous Dead Space stories. There will be many battles with Necromorphs, and these battles will be more terrifying and gruesome than previous battles. What exactly is meant by this statement is unknown as of now, but we will see exactly what it is come March.

Following the release of over 40$ worth of game-day DLC available for purchase wen Dead Space 3 was first released, many people are mad about a DLC being released so short after the Original Game was just released, but announcing an expansion in the form of DLC is quite commonplace for many game developers now. This DLC will only be 10$ worth, so it won’t leave too big of a dent in your wallet. The main question is if it will be worth the money. With how Dead Space 3 is playing right now we have high hopes for this DLC, but it still is up in the air as to how it will be.

Stay Tuned for the Dead Space 3 Review coming up sometime tomorrow.

Dead Space 3 Awakened

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