Dead Space 3 seems to be trying its best to implement different features that will increase the replay value so that those who beat the game have a reason to go back and try again. With the latest wave of new information, we have learned that Dead Space 3, upon completing the game, will unlock 4 new modes that players can progress through. On top of this, there is also going to be a post-launch DLC released referred to as “disturbing”.

One of these modes is called Classic Mode. This mode will help bring the game to feel more like its predecessors. This single-player only mode gets rid of the new crosshairs, as well as the new resource management elements. This new mode should hopefully allow those who feel that the game should be more like the original games experience a gameplay experience that they want.

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Another new mode will be called Hardcore Mode. In this unlockable mode, the character has only one life. If you were to die, the game would be over. The announcement of this mode that contains permadeath has caused many of those veteran Dead Space players joy. Unlike in Dead Space 2, where you were allowed 3 save points and unlimited deaths, this hardcore mode will be much more challenging. We will have to see if there will be a powerful weapon available for those who tackle this challenge, similar to the reward players got in Dead Space 2.

Yet another new mode announced is called the Pure Survival Mode. This game mode is unique in that everything in the game can only be crafted. Enemies will only drop resources, and you will not be able to find any ammo, weapon parts, or health from mob drops. This will give players a challenge in trying to choose what to craft with the limited resources that they have gathered.

The last announced game mode is called New Game+. This game mode is as it sounds, players are able to start a new game with the unlocked weapons and upgrades that they had achieved from a previous save. So if you were to finish the game, you can basically use the same weapons that you finished the game with in the new save.


The post-launch DLC is still in the works, and we are unsure as of now when this DLC will be launched. This DLC will contain an additional story and will hopefully be released in a couple of weeks following the release of Dead Space 3. They are describing this DLC as “Disturbing” and are not giving out any other descriptions or hints as to what exactly will be contained in this DLC.

What has been causing a lot of uproar is the announcement of the large amount of DLC that will be available for purchase the day of Dead Space 3 being released. All of the DLC costs added together amount to around 50$ worth of extra content. Most of these consist of armor sets and weapons, as well as resources purchasable for crafting. Many people seem upset that they would have so many things not included in the game, and instead have players forced to buy them. Players should realize, however, that this method of having DLC released the same time as the official game release has been going on for quite some time over many games, similar to Mass Effect 3, and will probably not be going anywhere as long as people are continuously buying it.

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