Kinect doesn’t seem like it would be useful in most action games due to the delay and inconvenience when compared to just using the remote. With the new Kinect Trailer released for Dead Space 3, it seems like this trend continues. The prospect of using Kinect for Action and Horror games is genuinely interesting, but at the current technological level that the Kinect is as, it really is not worth the time.


In the trailer they yell such commands as Quick Heal, Use Stasis, or even Reload Weapon. The issue with this, is that it might not catch your command clearly when you first say it, especially when I am in a loud firefight with a group of necromorphs screaming at me, and the game not understanding me in a highly stressful moment in the game would be rather frustrating. There is also a noticeable delay between the time the command is spoken and when it happens in game. Some may argue that the delay is so small that it isn’t noticeable  but by the time I yell out Reload Weapon, i could have just pushed one button and have done it myself in half the time.


Overall Kinect in these types of games doesn’t seem worth it, and until they improve the design more, it just does not seem like it belongs in this gaming genre.

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