Dead Space 3, for the first time in the Dead Space franchise, will have micro transactions in the game. With this feature, players will be able to buy crafting recipes while in the game, so that those who want ‘instant gratification’ will be able to buy the materials they need for whatever it is that they want to make. While this is a first for this franchise, the developers back this decision even though there are a large amount of people complaining about this.

Visceral Games decision for these micro transactions are receiving a lot of speculation and discussion. Supposedly the developers added this feature so that players who are used to mobile gaming are able to draw connections between Dead Space 3 and the mobile games that have a lot of micro transactions within. This will, supposedly, allow those who want to experience the harder levels of the game to be able to get weapons powerful enough so that it is accessible to everyone without spending a long time farming the materials needed. We will have to just see how extreme these micro transactions are, however, and from then on we can judge if this was as bad of a decision as everyone is making it out to be.

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