The Diablo III Expansion has finally been given an official Release Date. After many months of people guessing as to when the Reaper Of Souls expansion would be released, we have finally been told that the expansion will be released come March 25, 2014. This expansion has been widely anticipated due to the vast number of changes that are being made to the current system that Diablo III follows. This expansion has been said to bring Diablo III back to its roots, and many fans are excited to see the changes come into fruition.

The expansion, which will include many changes such as a new class, new game modes, and tougher enemies to fight. These changes have been said to bring Diablo III towards being more similar to what Diablo II was all about. Whether or not these changes are actually successful has yet to be seen. We can only speculate at this point, but with all the information that has been released, it is hard to not be excited about this new expansion.

The expansion itself can be bought for $39.99, or you can also buy the digital deluxe addition which comes with both vanity items for other Blizzard Games and special items for Diablo III. You can visit the Diablo III Website to see the official announcement made, as well as finding the opportunity to buy the new expansion.  In case you missed it earlier this year, you can find the official cinematic trailer for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls below.

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