Frictional Games, producers of the Penumbra and Amnesia series, have released a short teaser video of their upcoming horror game SOMA. This video showcases some of the environments players will get to explore once this game comes out. The atmosphere that is shown looks graphically impressive, showing an emphasis that Frictional Games had towards creating a sense of dread and anticipation as to what is out there.

SOMA 2. Frictional Games Website

This game has been receiving a lot of hype among horror fans. Many Frictional Games fans were somewhat disappointed with how Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs had turned out, and are now looking forward to a new game that is made purely by Frictional Games rather than another studio. The hype that has been received seems to be earned, as the environments shown in this trailer seem to indicate that this upcoming game will be packed with horror elements and taking a step back to the feeling that Penumbra gave fans.

SOMA 3. Frictional Games Website

Overall, while the trailer is impressive, we will have to see just how the game turns out in the end. You can watch the trailer by clicking the play button below. Feel free to share your thoughts on what you think of the teaser trailer and/or SOMA itself by commenting below.


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