The popular indie horror game that was released on Steam Greenlight this past October has been met with a lot of success. Many fans loved the wide array of different hauntings that could happen, even finding new scares that spanned multiple playthroughs. During this game you played in a Haunted House, holding a camcorder so as to gather proof that your house is haunted. The house is obviously owned by an artist, and has many ‘hauntings’ that occur involving nearly everything that you can see and interact with.


Just recently on the steam forums, the developers have announced that they plan on adding an additional haunted house for those playing Paranormal. Such plans include redoing the entire house over again, with completely new scares and a new environment. There will also be a wide array of new scares in the game, focusing more on unnerving the players rather than focusing on jump scares. There was also an emphasis on perhaps adding a story mode to the game, although not much is known on this other than the plan on adding multiple stories that could be played.


Overall, these changes seem to be positive, and the outlook is that these changes are for the best. Adding a whole new environment is obviously a lot of work, and the changes that are being made are more than likely going to take quite a bit of time for the developers to finish. Despite that, these changes seem like they will positively impact the future of the game, and give players a reason to come back to Paranormal.

If you want to read more on this subject, Click Here! to see the original post given by the developers on the steam forum. Feel free to comment below on what you think of these changes being made to Paranormal, or even just your opinion on the game itself.

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