Isaac Clarke, main protagonist in Electronic Arts’ Dead Space franchise, is making an appearance in the new Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale title that is releasing this March. This new addition was included in the game due to the team working on the project being huge Dead Space fans, and the team also knowing that many players would enjoy playing as a character from the Dead Space franchise.

Isaac will be able to use his most famous techniques while fighting, such techniques including his stasis and kinesis modules added together with his iconic plasma-cutter. Using weapons and technology that come straight from the Dead Space universe is an interesting move. Isaac Clarke will be a long range character in the game, focusing more on keeping distance from his attackers, similar to how he does in the games.

Another character that is not exclusive to the Playstation, however, is rather disappointing. But regardless, this addition seems like it will add a lot to the game, and give players who enjoy the Dead Space franchise a chance to play as their favorite Necromorph-crushing protagonist.

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