We at Scary Gaming Network will be posting a list of our top 5 most anticipated horror games of this year. Most of the game on this list will be games that are coming out soon, and those that we know many details about. Games that we do not have a large amount of information of will obviously not be on this list. Coming up at #1, as our Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013, is Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. After how popular Amnesia: A Dark Descent was, and still is, this direct sequel has a lot to live up to. After its release, there have been countless playthroughs, many with webcams, posted on YouTube. Many consider it one of the scariest games of all time. With its amazing atmosphere and unparallelled scare factor, it is certainly a game to remember.

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What made Amnesia: A Dark Descent good was a combination of many elements. The first being the atmosphere of the Brennenburg Castle in Prussia. The dusty, beat up hallways. The seemingly emptiness of all the rooms gave Daniel, the protagonist, a sense of solidarity. The story deals with the main character having amnesia, a concept that we can conclude will appear again in the sequel due to its name. One of the greatest reasons as to why the game was a success in scaring people was how frequently you saw the monsters. The less you see of a monster, the more your imagination fills in the details you do not know. You don’t see the monsters in Amnesia: The Dark Descent until much later in the game, and as such, the game stayed scary throughout. We can only hope that in the sequel they stick true to this game concept.

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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a survival horror game, with some of the old elements of the original game, as well as some fresh new elements that are put in to keep the game fresh for veterans of the franchise. The game is set in the year 1899, and has a steam punk like theme. The game revolves around Oswald Mandus, who happens to be a wealthy industrialist. He returns from a trip to Mexico, which turns out to have been a disaster. He appears to have caught some sickness, as he is struck by a fever. He starts having these dreams, and in these dreams he sees some dark machine. He eventually regains consciousness, but he finds out that he has been out for months, and wakes up to a roar of an engine, with a machine seemingly starting. This is when the game starts.

This game is being developed by a different developer this time around. Frictional Games is producing the game, as they are working on their own game that we do not know much about at the moment. The Developer this time is thechineseroom, previous developer of the popular half life mod and now standalone game, Dead Esther. Thechineseroom state they are going to try their best to keep Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs as scary as the original, with their own twist. One of the most apparent new features we can see if the appearance of outdoor levels. In Amnesia: The Dead Descent, you never leave the Brennenburg Castle, and as such the game always made you feel slightly claustrophobic in a sense. With outdoor levels, however, we will have to see what new features can be added.

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The title of this game is rather unique. It is such a bizarre title that causes pause amongst those that hear it. What exactly is A Machine for Pigs? From what we can tell, the monsters sound similar to that of a pig, and in the end of the trailer we hear what we assume is Oswald Mandus stating that the definition of a pig is up for interpretation. From this we can assume that some experiments have happened in which some humans perhaps have been experimented with, and the resulting creature is the creatures that Oswald will face throughout the game. With the trailers that have been released, we can see that the graphics are slightly improved, but still remain very similar to the original game. The atmosphere looks great and we see that they are sticking to the puzzle themed gameplay that many of Frictional Games fans are happy to see return.

Amnesia 5

One thing that we hope does not happen in the sequel, is the appearance of another Agrippa like figure. Agrippa in the original really ruined the immersion of the game, with his quips every time you pass by, as well as just the annoyance of him in general. He really took away the fear factor from that point on, and got rid of the feeling of loneliness that prevailed throughout the game. Other than this, we hope that they take the good parts of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and then add some of their own ideas, but still keep the core concept of this sequel similar to the original.

This game is our Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013, due to the expectations and the presentation we have received so far. The atmosphere looks great, and the monsters sound like they will be truly terrifying. The original Amnesia game has set the bar extremely high for thechineseroom, and we will have to see if they are successful in their goal to make a sequel that is up to par with the expectations everyone has.

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Disclaimer: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013 is written only with information available at the time of this article being written. Later on in the year more Horror games deserving of these spots may be released, and if this happens we will probably put up a new top 5. If you feel that one of these games does not belong on this list or is in the wrong spot, feel free to comment below and give us your opinion.

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