We at Scary Gaming Network will be posting a list of our top 5 most anticipated horror games of this year. Most of the game on this list will be games that are coming out soon, and those that we know many details about. Games that we do not have a large amount of information of will obviously not be on this list. Coming at number 2 on our list is Dead Space 3.
So often have I heard that Dead Space 3 should not be counted as a Horror game, and all i can say is i disagree completely. Many justify this by saying that since most of the scares are jump scares it is not the right kind of scary. That you have guns also so that you don’t feel helpless, so you are incapable of being afraid (because you can just shoot the scary stuff and stop it from being scary!). That these scares are cheap scares, and what not, and because of all of this the game is not classified as a horror game and should instead be classified as an action game. While I agree that the game could be more scary without the guns and with less jump scares, this does not diminish the horror aspect of the game to the point of not being scary. But even beside all of this, Dead Space 3 has been given a lot of disgruntled opinions lately.

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The Dead Space franchise has been greatly successful. Starting with Dead Space 1, with Isaac Clarke on board the desolate decks of the abandoned Ishimura planet-cracker mining ship. Dead Space 1 achieved much due to how lonely the player felt, barely ever running into others, and when doing so only seeing them for such a short time. The monsters were genuinely grotesque, and while there were many jump scares, with the monsters seemingly flooding the hallways to be seen, the game was still genuinely scary due to the atmosphere and the story. This followed with Dead Space 2, which was also successful due to how lonely Isaac was on the space station. Little human contact gave the player a sense of being abandoned by everyone, and left the player to deal with all of the consequences of the Marker by himself. This game was also still scary due to its atmosphere and the story.

Dead Space 3, however, has a controversial concept new to the Dead Space Franchise, Co-op campaign mode. For the first time you can play with your friends in the main storyline of a Dead Space game. This announcement brought some people to be excited to play with their friends, however there was also a huge backlash of people saying how bad this was for the game. Many stated that the game is not going to be scary at all now, due to the fact that Isaac is not alone in his journey now, and will have a real life person playing near them as if this will diminish the scariness of the game. While this will probably cause players to not be so afraid while playing since they have someone with them now, those out there can still play the game solo without the assistance of a second player. Isaac can still best these troubles by himself in single player, and as such those who want to play by themselves can do so and enjoy the game, while those who want to play with a friend can do so as well and enjoy the game.

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Will the added effect of 2 players diminish the scariness of the game even for those who are playing solo? This we do not know as of yet, but in the demo that we were allowed to play for the Xbox 360 and PS3, the game still seemed scary whether playing through the game solo or co-op. Aside from this, however, one major problem i have with the demo was the Unitologists that Isaac meets. Having the enemies use guns, and be living humans, seems to cause the game to feel just like most shooters out there today in the scenes which Isaac fights these Unitologists. We can only hope that the amount of times we fight the Unitologists are low, and that the game still retains the old feeling of loneliness.

Another issue that caused a large uproar is the addition of micro-transactions to the game. This feature gives players the chance to buy materials and supplies with real money so that they can finish upgrading and buying weapons in game in case they are having trouble at a part. EA and Visceral gaming tried to defend this, by saying that they wanted to give players that were used to mobile games the chance to feel more comfortable with the game. We will have to see exactly how this pans out and how game breaking this feature can be for those who want the prestige for beating the game on its hardest difficulty.


Even more controversy exists for this game, as they announced that the PC version will be a direct port from the console game version. PC users were outraged by this, but it was really expected due to previous titles being presented similarly. This does not excuse this however, but again, we will have to see just how the game runs on PC before passing judgment. And if that was not enough for controversial happenings of Dead Space 3, EA has announced that the game will have DLC released soon after release, in addition to suits you can get from even more DLC the same day as release. Any game having DLC released the same day as the game is officially released will receive plenty of backlash from fans, saying that the game should come with the DLC for free, but as of now we do not know for certain what or when this DLC will be released, and what the price will be.

After looking at all of this, there has been an enormous amount of controversy regarding Dead Space 3, and you might be asking how, with all of this controversy, the game is number 2 on the list. First, so far all games on this list are indie games, and as such there is much less information regarding these games. Also, high profile games will have much more information and much more coverage, which means that there will be a lot more information released and as such, more controversy regarding the game.
Just by looking at the game, even with the controversy, the game has a lot to offer. With the amazing atmosphere that can be seen in the demo, with the nearly endless weapon customizations that are now available in the game that will add a lot to the replay value, and with the engaging storyline that will undoubtedly appear in the game as seen in the previous titles, Dead Space 3 takes the spot at number 2 in our most anticipated horror games of 2013.

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Disclaimer: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013 is written only with information available at the time of this article being written. Later on in the year more Horror games deserving of these spots may be released, and if this happens we will probably put up a new top 5. If you feel that one of these games does not belong on this list or is in the wrong spot, feel free to comment below and give us your opinion.

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