We at Scary Gaming Network will be posting a list of our top 5 most anticipated horror games of this year. Most of the game on this list will be games that are coming out soon, and those that we know many details about. Games that we do not have a large amount of information of will obviously not be on this list. Number 3 on our list is Slender: The Arrival.
Now with the release of Slender: The Eight Pages, there has been a huge influx of Slender games through Steam Greenlight and other places. Slender has picked up so quickly and even out to those not interested in horror games. Despite all of this, with the large amount of games that bear the Slender title, the original Slender: The Eight Pages is still, in our eyes and to many others, the best Slender title out now.

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With Slender: The Arrival coming out this year, however, that could very well change. This new game is being created by Mark Hadley, the original creator of Slender: The Eight Pages, working with ParsecProductions and Blue Isle Studios. This game already has a lot of hype added to it, especially due to the popularity of the original Slender game, so expectations are high. But is this game going to be a letdown to those waiting for it? Or will it be a worthy successor to the original Slender title? We think that it will be, based on what we know so far.

Looking at the trailer, it is easy to see that the games engine is now much better than before. The scenery looks absolutely amazing compared to the original. The game boasts new levels, which in itself is different from the original, as the original only had one level. The increase in the number of levels should add more replay value to the game, as it isn’t just the same level over and over again. The problem with the first game was that if you beat the game, which only took less than 20 minutes once you knew where the pages were, there wasn’t much of a replay value. With the added number of levels though, this should fix one of the biggest problems the original faced.

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The improved visuals of the game are also a huge improvement to the way the game feels. With this increase in graphics, the atmosphere of the game seems to have increased drastically. With this, the game can really increase how involved you are in the game, by allowing yourself to feel as if you are in the same shoes as your character. Added with this new involvement, the game is supposedly going to have an engaging storyline, which will be interesting to see how they implement this. The original just had you released in the middle of a large forest with a counter popping up saying 0/8 pages collected. No story was introduced while in game. With the inclusion of the story, it will make the game actually feel like you are accomplishing something, or so we hope it does.

In the trailer, you can also see that there are now more monsters that you have to deal with rather than just the Slender Man. What kind of gameplay will emerge from this, we do not know as of yet. We can just hope that the game does not start shoving monsters at you, and that these monster sightings are a rare experience like in the original. The increase in monsters out to get you, however, does increase the fear the player should experience. Slender: The Arrival is supposedly going to have a price tag associated with it. Less than 20$ is what the creators have announced. They have also stated that they are trying to allow as many people as possible to experience the game, talking about the possibility of a Xbox 360, PS3, and Mobile support to the game. Whether this actually happens remains to be seen.

Slender: The Arrival

This game makes number 3 on our list mainly due to our expectations. The original Slender: The Eight Pages was widely popular, and the official sequel to the game has a lot to live up to. Will they live up to the hype and expectations? That, we do not know. But with increased visuals, more levels, an engaging storyline, and more monsters, the creators have promised much. We will have to see how all of these features get put together towards the final product and if the game is worthy of being number 3 for this year.

If you missed the trailer, check it out here!

Disclaimer: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013 is written only with information available at the time of this article being written. Later on in the year more Horror games deserving of these spots may be released, and if this happens we will probably put up a new top 5. If you feel that one of these games does not belong on this list or is in the wrong spot, feel free to comment below and give us your opinion.

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