We at Scary Gaming Network will be posting a list of our top 5 most anticipated horror games of this year. Most of the game on this list will be games that are coming out soon, and those that we know many details about. Games that we do not have a large amount of information of will obviously not be on this list. Continuing on with number 4 on our list, The Intruder.
The Intruder is an indie survival horror game being developed by Roy Theunissan for Steam Greenlight. This game is set to be released in 2013, although this is subject to change.

In the game, you play as yourself, someone who had just recently had a horrible encounter with some unknown creature. You know for sure that it is going to be coming back to your house, but other than that your memory is nearly gone. You have forgotten where everything in your house is, and you are in a rush to try to find some way to protect yourself from this creature. You have to go through your house looking for any sort of item that is useful, and the only help you get comes in the form of vague memories that you must decipher so that you will be prepared.


Most of this game is spent preparing yourself for the encounter. You can leave the house to find food and supplies, you can look for weapons and ammunition, as well as tools. You will be given a set amount of time, usually a couple of days, in which to do all of this. You have to also make sure you do not get too tired, however, meaning that you must carefully plan time around sleeping and eating so that you stay healthy and energetic. This adds a sense of realism and strategy, such as whether or not you should sleep for this set of time, or if you can go through the rest of the day without sleeping so that you can have more time to prepare.

There seems to be a chance, that while you are out exploring the area surrounding your house, you might run into the creature you are trying to prepare for. This really adds a sense of fear in the game, to go out in the woods and look for extra supplies is probably a must, but while out you still have to be careful that you don’t run into the entity. This means that although you have a certain amount of days to get ready, you cannot just go running around the woods without any fear of trouble. This is a good thing as any horror game that gives players a large amount of game time where they are safe from danger can be distracting from the main goal of the game, which should be to instill fear in the players.


The concept of having to defend oneself from an unknown entity, and having a set amount of time to prepare for it, seems to have the chance to be really enjoyable. The amount of choice in such a game is the defining factor however, and this game seems to have a lot of choices for the player. Being able to choose if it is worth it to sleep at this moment or eat right now, or to go in the woods looking for a superior weapon or perhaps just use the axe you found outside your house. Choices give the game replay value, and one of these choices that seems most interesting is the chance to barricade your house. Locking the doors, boarding the windows, or however else you can barricade the house you are trying to defend, such an option allows players multiple run throughs of the game while trying new things.

The Intruder 2

This game also has many key features that should add a lot to the gameplay. Such features include Continuous time, such that 1 second is 1 minute game time. Non-linearity which allows players to do whatever they want, and not have to follow a set path. The memory system, which allows players to press the R key to close their eyes and try to remember where they put a useful item they might need. Day and night cycle, so you must keep track of time or else you could be stuck outside in the woods at night. Randomly generated items in your house, so each playthrough is different in terms of what and where you can find items. All of these should add a lot to the game, and we cannot wait to see how these features work together.

So to finish, this game ranks as Number 4 on our list due to the uniqueness of this game. Not many horror games give players such a wide range of options and ways that they can play. All of the features that add a sense of realism, due to keeping up with your body, as well as the randomly generated items should have each playthrough be a completely unique experience. We will have to see just how effective all of these features combined can be in having the game do what is listed above, but from what we know and what we have seen, it seems promising.

If you missed the trailer, check it out!

Disclaimer: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013 is written only with information available at the time of this article being written. Later on in the year more Horror games deserving of these spots may be released, and if this happens we will probably put up a new top 5. If you feel that one of these games does not belong on this list or is in the wrong spot, feel free to comment below and give us your opinion.

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