We at Scary Gaming Network will be posting a list of our top 5 most anticipated horror games of this year. Most of the game on this list will be games that are coming out soon, and those that we know many details about. Games that we do not have a large amount of information of will obviously not be on this list. Besides this, let us begin with number 5, Among the Sleep.
This indie game in development by Krillbite is genuinely unique. You play as a 2 year old, and yes you heard me correctly, a 2 year old kid who witnesses strange events in his house. You go out and explore the house the kid lives in, and basically see what is going on.

Among The Sleep 4

This is a unique concept, most horror games don’t really have young characters starring in them, except for recently Lucius, but technically, he was the spawn of Satan, and he was the one doing the horror oriented things, not having scary things happening to him. As you control the 2 year old, you see things from the point of view of someone less than 2 feet tall. Hiding behind objects around the house, climbing on top of furniture, or just crawling along the floor you see things from a perspective not many people really think about. It is more terrifying being so miniscule when compared to the world, as the scares or creatures one would normally find in a horror game will be much larger than the player is. As well as being completely defenseless, as a 2 year old can’t really put up a fight.

Among The Sleep 2

Something to take into account as well is what exactly is going on in the house that the player is living in. Is the house really haunted? Or is the character just seeing these hauntings due to having an overactive imagination. A 2 year old obviously cannot understand everything that must be happening to him, so it is interesting what Krillbite plans to do with this. Another question i have is where is everyone else in the house? I am assuming that the parents of this child must be in the house also, and if all of these events are happening to the child, i am left to wonder how the parents don’t hear anything. It will be interesting to see if the parents even make an appearance during gameplay, perhaps they will wake up and scold the player if they are out of bed, perhaps.

Among The Sleep 3

Why this game makes number 5 for us at Scary Gaming Network is due to the uniqueness of this game. The gameplay mechanics seem very interesting and fun, putting the player back in the viewpoint of a very young kid. Just how the world looks from such a point of view changes the gameplay drastically. Krillbite isn’t just using this game concept of a haunted house that needs exploring, and giving us control of an adult, but instead they are giving us control of a character that is weaker, smaller, and one that has more difficulty in navigating. This in itself makes the player feel weak, and at the same time gives players a fresh new game idea that we over at Scary Gaming Network cannot wait to play.


If you missed the trailer of this game, check it out below!

Disclaimer: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of 2013 is written only with information available at the time of this article being written. Later on in the year more Horror games deserving of these spots may be released, and if this happens we will probably put up a new top 5. If you feel that one of these games does not belong on this list or is in the wrong spot, feel free to comment below and give us your opinion.

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