Developer Rebellion has just announced their newest title to be Nazi Zombie Army. This game will be set in the same universe as their Sniper Elite games that were previously released. The teaser trailer that they released is rather short, and in it contains footage of a group of 4 survivors, similar to a left 4 dead setup. These 4 survivors are fighting off a horde of “Nazi Zombies”, because normal zombies are apparently cliche. These zombies boast weapons, which is somewhat rare in most zombie games. From guns to what looks like swords, these zombies are going to be running at players with a greater threat than just those wielding nothing.

The game, which is being published and developed by Rebellion, is going to be a steam exclusive game. As of now not a lot of information in known about this new title. Starting February 14th, the game will be available for pre-purchase from steam. Once this page opens up we will know a lot more about what the game has to offer players, as well as what features players will get when they buy it. Until then it is only up to speculation, but it seems that the game can be promising. Lately, however, it seems that the whole Zombie style of games has been overdone, so it will be nice if a new game that has its main focus being zombies is actually worth buying.

Check out the trailer below!

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