New developer blog that has been released a few days ago goes over the new animations that Bohemia Interactive are giving the zombies that you encounter in DayZ. Using the MOCAP system, the team will be able to capture more realistic animations. With this work, they hope that the zombies will be more expressive, and seem more like what a ‘Zombie’ should act. Included in this is the hope that these new animations will work with the new AI and path finding capabilities that these zombies are supposed to have. With all of these new features they are giving these zombies, it stands to reason that the expectations are rising higher than before for the new DayZ standalone title.

You can tell that the team working on this project is obviously enthusiastic about what they are doing. In the video, they are laughing and having a great time, while also getting work done. We can hope that the enthusiasm this team has towards the project will improve the quality of the new standalone DayZ title.

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