With the recent Resident Evil: Retribution movie grossing over $221 million worldwide, we could not be too surprised that there has been confirmation of a sixth title in the series being in production soon. With the success they have had, it would be foolish to think that they wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

The new Resident Evil movie is at the moment simply being called Resident Evil 6. There is no subtitle or anything else in the title at this time, and we can only assume that it will stay this way until more information regarding the movie is released.

The only details that have been given out is that Alice is seen at the White House, in which they must face a dangerous threat to everyone. By her side is Wesker, who might be working with her.

The movie may not have many details released to the public, the we do have an expected release date. This new film is set to be released come September 12, 2014. With the release date this close, we can assume that Milla Jovovich and Anderson will be working on and shooting the film very shortly.

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