The Evil Within is an upcoming Survival Horror game that is being developed by Tango Gameworks. The head of this company, Shinji Mikami, was the original creator of Resident Evil, and as such gives fans a hopeful outlook as to the future of The Evil Within. Those playing this game will find themselves playing the role of Detective Sebastian Castellanos, as he tries his best to figure out what is killing his fellow officers.

TheEvilWithin Screen1

Just recently, a number of new screenshots have been released. These screenshots, as seen above and below, give those looking forward to The Evil Within a glimpse as to what they can expect when the game finally launches. These extremely creepy and atmospheric screenshots give fans an encouraging idea of what the future of The Evil Within holds in store for us. The release date for The Evil Within is still not set, other than a rather broad window of sometime in 2014. More information is scheduled to be releasing soon.

Feel free to comment below on what you think of these new screenshots, or what you think of The Evil Within as a whole.

TheEvilWithin Screen3

TheEvilWithin Screen2



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