Slender: The Arrival, the new slender game being developed by the creator of Slender: The Eight Pages and Blue Isle Studios, has finally been given a release date of March 26. As the official remake of the original successful game, many have high expectations for this title. The success of the Slender titles first creation had caused a plethora of other Slender titles to be released, each trying to capture the same atmosphere and fear that the original gave players. Now that there is going to be a new game created by the man who crafted the original, we can all hope that he achieves his goals and makes this new title as great as the first.

slender the arrival

Slender: The Arrival boasts a new graphical system, new story mode, and many new levels to explore. All of these features will be sure to add much the to replay value the game has, especially compared to the poor replay value the original game gave players. Players who are interested in the game can actually pre-order it right now, and by doing so can gain many extra bonuses that those who wait will not receive. The biggest bonus is that those who do pre-order the game right now will receive a beta copy of the game right away, such that they can basically play the game today. They are also offering this opportunity for only 5$, which is discounted 50% as it originally will cost 10$ once it is released on March 23.

Overall Slender: The Arrival looks to be a great improvement over the original Slender titles. Even though the original game was free to all who wanted to play it, this game has such a small price tag of only 5$ at this moment that it should not deter those who want to experience this game for themselves. Will it be better than the original is not something we can say for now, for all we know the game may not live up to expectations. But with how it looks at this moment, it seems promising that this game will be a great improvement over the original and worth it to those who enjoy this gaming genre.

Check out the new video footage release as well as where one can pre-order the title below.
Pre-order Slender: The Arrival Here!

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