State Of Decay was the fastest selling original Xbox Arcade Game ever. Due to the wide spread success and popularity, the game has been promised to appear on the PC as well in just a short time. Just recently, the developers announced that the game will be released this year for PC, with new features and textures just for the PC version.

As expected for a PC game, State Of Decay for PC will come with higher quality textures, as well as a faster speed. The game will be released on the Steam Early Access platform before the official release, giving special members of the community a chance to test the game and provide feedback.

The developers have also talked about the new updates to the Xbox 360 version, including many fan requested features involving companions and other features. They had also briefly discussed the highly anticipated Sandbox Mode, but as to speicifics we are not sure as of now.

We were told that more information will become available shortly, within the new few weeks.

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