After a recent interview with Telltale studios, they had announced that the Season 2 of their extremely popular The Walking Dead video game will be release come fall of next year. Many assume this meant Fall of 2014, and following this statement were many disappointed fans.

However, earlier today Telltale clarified a recent statement to GameInformer: “The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for fall of this year (2013), and not next year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview.”

After what was an expected release date of Fall 2014, many fans are excited that this sequel will instead actually be released this year. Although we do not have an exact release date as of now, the prospect of getting the game a whole year prior to what we thought we had to wait is still good enough news.

Added with this soon to be released game, we still have the confirmation of something ‘extra’ for fans of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. We are still unsure as of now what this extra content may be, wether in the form of DLC or something entirely different.

Many fans were worried that the new game will try to link up with the TV series on AMC, but Telltale says that the story for Season 2 will focus more on the story following Season 1. They do state that they think linking together with some parts of the TV show is exciting and fun, however.

Whatever they do in regards to the story is fine with us, just as long as they can give us the same emotionally packed and choice driven story that they had given us with Season 1.

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