Sandswept Studio’s new title The Dead Linger is a new Indie Horror Game in development. The developers are trying to remind players that zombies can still be scary. Even with the wide assortment of games not catering to the zombie craze, many of these games fail to achieve any kind of real horror elements. Sandswept Studio’s states that the “Zombie Genre has died, and we are bringing it back from the dead.” Whether or not this is the case, the new game they are developing seems genuinely exciting and scary.

The game seems to follow in DayZ’s footsteps, following a very similar formula as the Arma 2 Mod. The main difference is that the game focuses more on avoiding and dispatching the zombies you encounter rather than worrying about bandits you may encounter in DayZ. The world size is also supposedly going to be 64,000 square kilometers. To put this into perspective, DayZ’s world is only 265 square kilometers. Overall this game has set the bar high in terms of what it is setting out to do. If it achieves its goals, than this game will be surely amazing.
You can access The Dead Linger’s alpha by pre-ordering the game for $20 on Sandswept’s website which can be found listed below.

Pre-order the game Here to play the Alpha now!

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