Telltale Games has released a new trailer showcasing the second season of their highly acclaimed The Walking Dead series. This trailer, titled “All That Remains,” gives fans a brief recap of a few scenes of the previous season. Clementine is now alone and is controlled by the player for this season. This season has been highly anticipated, and the release of this trailer gives hopes to a release of Season 2: Episode 1 in the near future.


Although no release date has been officially announced, many speculate that the release for this next season will occur sometime in the upcoming week. Telltale Games has become more busy with the recently announced plan to work to make a Game of Thrones Game, as well as working on their The Wolf Among Us series. With so many games being worked on, we can hope that they will still be able to release The Walking Dead Season 2’s episodes on a monthly basis. You can watch the trailer below and see for yourself what awaits those looking to play The Walking Dead Season 2.

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