Over the past few weeks many rumors have been surfacing announcing the cancellation of the highly anticipated Until Dawn survival horror game. These rumors started due to someone who had pre-ordered the game receiving an e-mail from Amazon customer service, stating that, “We recently learned that the manufacturer of Until Dawn – PlayStation 3 cancelled this release and it will not be available for purchase. As a result, we’ve cancelled the item from your pre-order and you have not been charged.”

Because of this, the logical thing to think at the time was that the game was indeed cancelled, but it turns out that this is not the case. Someone over at VG247 had managed to contact the developer and confirm that Until Dawn was not cancelled, and is still in development. “It’s clearly not planned to be a 2013 release any longer and I’m hoping and expecting to be able to say more in the new year, but that’s really all I’m able to say right now.”

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Such an announcement gives those looking forward to playing Until Dawn some peace of mind. This is also great for the survival horror genre as a whole, as the cancellation of such a highly anticipated survival horror game could have negative ramifications on the release of other survival horror games on platforms like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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